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Soon as I purchased I got a notification telling me that the developer needs to update to meet future IOS requirements

Only resolution?!

I wanted to know what my shutter speed, aperture, ISO settings and stuff was for imported SLR photos and it only shows resolution...... dumb

Broken app, can't find pictures

Only pulls from "Moments" not camera roll. If & when it works, it's great, but this operates at a pre-alpha-test phase.

No image size info

..and won't take images from 'camera roll', only 'moments'. I store my images on Dropbox.

Needs updates!!! Please fix...

It would be at a better use of your photos were organized rather then in "moments" I have over 3,000 photos on my one and to find one photos isn't easy. If it was organized by the albums we create it would be perfect for the use you need it for. Please fix


A much needed improvement over the standard photo viewer.


The only information it gives is the resolution and the pixel density. And there is no settings to fix it. Don't waste your money.

Simple, Easy to Use, I definitely recommend!

Great app! Easy to use and very informative, great interface, amazing job. I use this app everyday and perfect for anyone to use. Definitely worth it and I recommend.

Not working

Doesn't work on iOS 8.0.2



Don't like

They said I can see all information even for old pic, but I can't. I only see what I talk by my new iPhone.

Love it!!!!

Such a cool app and super fun to use!! It works well and I love using it to see where and when I took old photos on my phone! I show it off to my friends all the time! WORTH THE $2.99!!

Is not working

I have an iPhone 5 and this app doesn't work!! Please update or return the money!!!!

Needs update

Needs an update for iOS6! Last update was for iOS4.1

Works well

Just installed and works as described. This info should be native though. There is no support for photos imported from a Nikon D3 but there is for a D200, makes no sense should be able to do both. iPad imports photos well from a camera so that is how I use this program. Quick snap shots imported to iPad. I know NX2 photoshop etc etc can prob retrieve info also, not practical on iPad though.

Cool app.

Needs to not jump to the top of the Camera Roll and remember the browsing position. Needs more functionality in the map section. Map/Satellite/Hybrid and Open in Google Maps options would be awesome! Otherwise, it's overpriced.


I didn't turn on push notifications and the app doesn't work. Now can't get to any settings to change. This should have been pointed out in app instructions! Now I paid 2.99 that doesn't work. How do I fix now?

Works fine if...

Make sure you are on the correct iOS version and you have location services on for this app. When I first started it I didn't select location services, and the app wouldn't start. I turned on the apps location services in settings and everything worked as advertised. It would be nice to have the ability to rotate and scale the photo when e-mailing.

Stopped working!

App worked for a day then stopped. Waste of money

Rock solid

The current version works flawlessly. Super well done and useful app. I'm an aggressive iPhone app user and have most of the cams, panos, colorizers, morphers, face melters, etc, and appreciate this app greatly!!!


Does what it says it will. Easy to use. Glad I bought it. No problems experienced on my iphone4.


Don't waste your money! This app does not work. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

works great for me

I accessed a pic i took on my iPhone half a year ago. It got the date right and the map was right. I'm glad I didn't pay attention to the complaints. I have a 3G and am running ios 4.2.1.


This app Is garbage!!!! I shouldn't have to shop for an app to find out basic info about photos. Just want to know when a pic was taken This should be built into our apple devices

Does not work I'm out $2.99!!

Don't waste your money this app is not working. I have the latest iOS 4.2. A total rip off!! Stay away!! 

Doesn't work

Don't waste your money. I want a refund.

Fix this piece!

Just bought this and it won't even start too open a picture!

Missing Title!!!!!!!!!!

Do not spend $3 on application that is missing the most important information: the title

Don't work with 3.1.2

I have downloaded right now and every time I select a photo and try to view information the app closes. Until they fix this issue I don't recommend you buy it because it simply don't work.


Even after reboot this App will crash on you all the time 

Photo info

A cool app so far Does not show info on photo's from other iPhone users sending photo via text. Will come in handy for genealogy records of family reunions and grave sites. Wish we could also rename photo while viewing or add notes to photo, afterall the name is photo info.

Handy but needs a couple improvements

Photo Info works exactly as advertised and is just the tool for accessing all the photo metadata that the iPhone built-in camera roll *should* make accessible out of the box. But it's not without a few minor issues. Most obviously, it can only access photos in your camera roll; any photos in other albums are not accessible. This I'm sure will be remedied in an update, but for now in v1.0, that's how it goes. This limitation immediately raises another interface misstep: when you open the app, its default 'starting position' is at the TOP of your camera roll, where your oldest photos are. This forces you to scroll all the way to the end of the camera roll, which is annoying because 95% of the time I want to view data on my most RECENT photos, not my oldest. The app needs to default to the END of the camera roll, just like the built-in Photos app does. This really should be addressed in an update, soon.  The other issue this app shines light on has nothing to do with Photo Info itself, but rather just about every *other* photo app on your phone. And that is that every photo-processing app out there strips all the metadata from your image. So in effect, the only images you'll be able to see full metadata for are the ones that a) were taken with the built-in Camera app (no camera timer apps or other Camera substitutes), and b) have not been processed with any other app such as CameraBag, TiltShift, Best Camera, etc. Which for me eliminates approximately 99% of the photos in my phone. The only solution is to always save the original photo (assuming you used the built-in Camera app to take it) when you do post-processing with other apps. Which is not my normal workflow, since I prefer not to have unneeded originals clogging up my camera roll. But these issues are not faults of the Photo Info app, just the circumstances we're left to deal with. Even so, I do use the app and it's the right tool for the job when you need to see metadata right on your phone. With a couple of improvements I mentioned, it'll be even better.

Great Start

Very intuitive interface and LOTS of detailed info for iPhone-captured images. It would be great for future versions to include other image folders as well as additional EXIF and metadata from non-iPhone captured images if available.

Great way to find more about my photos

I can now find all the camera settings when a shot was taken. Quick access to see the settings. I can even email those settings to keep a record of my favorites. It would be nice to see the info at the top of the page instead of after the photo. I already own the "photo geo" app, so mapping is not needed, but for others who do not, this feature is great!

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